An 80's townhouse gets a makeover 

Nothing like being first time homeowners to get the creative juices flowing. Our goal was to achieve a modern farmhouse look within a practical living space. The makeover transformed this 80's townhouse into a cozy home ideal for entertaining guests.

Warm colors and texture for a beach side home

Small spaces can sometimes be challenging to design, but this San Francisco home was naturally charming. The neutral tones on the walls and the abundance of natural lighting called for bold colors in the living room and textured decorative pieces in the bedroom.

Showcasing a downtown studio  

When a young San Francisco couple was ready to put their studio apartment on the market, I was called into action. The number one priority was to declutter the space. A sprinkle of styling and voila, a brand new apartment for a new family to enjoy. 

The Classic Penthouse

Nicole Mattingly_Project Page 1.jpg
Nicole Mattingly_Project Page 2.jpg

The Refined Farmhouse

The Mattingly Project.001.jpg

The Contemporary Family

Ostlund Project_Contemporary Family.001.jpg

The Cozy Fit

Ostlund Project_The Cozy Fit.001.jpg

The Eclectic Self 

Ostlund Project_The Eclectic Self.001.jpg

The Social Space

Propertybase Design Board.001.jpg
Propertybase Design Board.002.jpg
Propertybase Design Board.003.jpg