At the age of ten...

I was certain that I would follow a career in interior design just like my mom. I remember spending my free time after school creating floor plans and designs on an old CD-ROM program. By the end of that summer, I had put together a 50 page portfolio of every style of room imaginable. While my friends played with doll houses, I was designing my dream home. However, as many might have experienced, the career we wish for as a child does not always happen as planned - am I right aspiring astronauts? 

After 7 years working in the tech industry and living in San Francisco, my husband and I decided to move to Boulder, CO. It was the perfect moment to finally hit my career refresh button and pursue my long-time passion for interior design. Designing our home was my creative outlet and became my living portfolio. Providing design consultation for my friends and family is now part of my every day routine, and I'm proud to finally call it a full time job. 

I'm a "get things done" type of gal, an avid bargain shopper (I simply love flea markets), and a DIY graduate. Owning our first home with a tight remodeling budget has been the ultimate design challenge, but I'm always drawn to a good makeover story. I also consider myself a client advocate. My goal is to listen and create a trusting relationship with clients helping them transform their living spaces into the home of their dreams. 

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